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Hi, I'm Ryan Angilly. I'm a founder of Ramen. I'm a geek.

I founded Signal Genius.

I blogged about my failed startup, MessageSling, at The Day Series.

Things I used to do:


Never blindly trust any headline on @mashable (or the rest of the Internet)


This kind of stuff annoys me.

First of all, the number of businesses in the study was reported wrong by Mashable. It’s 304, not 204.

Also, I doubt how scientific this “[STUDY]” really was. Interviewing 304 residential home construction companies from central Missouri will give you much different results than interviewing 304 small businesses in retail and high-tech in Boulder. Before relying too much on the results of this study, I want more info about who they interviewed.

Whenever you see stuff like this, think about the motivation of the author. In this case, the “study” is a marketing tactic for Hiscox’s professional liability insurance products, eMarketer/Mashable is just trying to ruffle some feathers into generating ad revenue.

Don’t fall for headlines!

An oldie but a goodie.  This is a well done counterpoint to some of my recent tweets/posts where I’ve said that websites need to do more of “just telling us what they do.”

While Simon makes some great points, I think selling “what you believe” is more of a marathon challenge in marketing.  For the sprint of getting the attention of website visitors that have otherwise never heard of you, clearly telling them what you do for them is the best way to get their attention.

Hey websites, stop trying so hard and just tell us what you do

I challenge anybody who hasn’t heard of Blippy to go to their site and tell me what they do.  Even if you have heard of them, go there.  Try to tell me what they do.

This is an annoying trend in web companies.  Stop trying so hard to ‘get your messaging right’ and just tell us what you do!  If you can’t tell what you do easily, something is wrong with what you are doing :)

This might actually get me to use Tango today.

This might actually get me to use Tango today.