Ryan Angilly

Hi, I'm Ryan Angilly. I'm a founder of Ramen. I'm a geek.

I founded Signal Genius.

I blogged about my failed startup, MessageSling, at The Day Series.

Things I used to do:

I’m speaking at MongoSF

I’m wicked excited to announce that I’m flying out to San Francisco at the end of the month to speak at MongoSF.  The conference is a single day, multi-track conference that’s going to run the gammit: programming workshops, MongoDB internal discussions, the current state of the OSS ecosystem around MongoDB, and (the reason I’m going) several presentations on examples of production deployments.

To be honest, when I saw the rest of the people presenting at this conference I gulped a little bit.  There are some giants presenting, and I’m psyched to hear about all the cool stuff that is going on at the cutting edge.

What I’m also psyched about is the wide range of production deployment talks.  On the “this is how you use MongoDB like a Big Dog” end of things there is a talk I am very excited to hear by David Mytton, founder of Boxed Ice, entitled Humongous Data at Server Density: Approaching 1 Billion Documents in MongoDB which I’m sure will be a blast.

And at the other end: my talk :-)

Back in October, we made the decision at Punchbowl to use MongoDB alongside MySQL as part of a non-mission-critical new application we were building (since then it has become mission-critical).  I’ll be discussing the decision process to use MongoDB, implementation details of how we got up and running, unexpected issues we ran into, and how they were resolved.  I’ll also give some insight into how I feel the entire process has benefitted our engineering team and our company’s bottom line.

And because I’m opinionated, I might also throw in 5 minutes of “IMHO” with regards to some of the NoSQL vs. SQL “debate” that has been brewing in the blogosphere over the past six months.

There are two audiences I’ll be addressing in my talk.  First and foremost, I’ll be speaking to developers who have never used MongoDB.  Developers that think MongoDB looks cool from all the blog posts they’ve read, but are hesitant about “going through all the trouble.”

Second, I’ll be dropping in a few nuggets aimed at the business guys & gals: engineering managers, founders, CEOs, etc….  The people who guard their developer man-hours like hawks and who have even more hesitation, but without any of the romantic feelings about “how cool MongoDB sounds”.  I’ll try to assuage your anxieties and show you that, in the end, giving developers the chance to experiment with this stuff will pay dividends down the road.

So sign up for MongoSF today if you haven’t already.  I’m excited to see you there.